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22 4 / 2014



Husky dog performs her overly dramatic death trick.

I’ve wasted fifteen minutes of my life watching this 8 second long video. 

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Make Me Choose: 101 Dalmatians or The Jungle Book

I love this movie

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Disney Princess Avengers by ThinkingMakesItSo [via]

Previously: Disney Warrior Princesses

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I haven’t been online in a few days because of working (40 hours a week at my new job + 15 to 20 hours at my nanny jobs) and tonight I logged in to see so many messages about my voice (mostly regarding the Hey Jude cover that I posted the other night). 

And I just… I’m so speechless. I have no idea how to accept so many kind words. I can’t believe that cover was so well-liked (especially since it was a first take and everything). 

I’m so glad that it somehow touched so many of you. 

I love you all so much! I really don’t deserve you!

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I’m the Black Widow. I could eat you for lunch. Maybe not in one sitting, though. I have my limits.

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Can we talk about this for a second? Because this is exactly how history in the US is taught. Since I went to college, I’ve learned dozens of “facts” I’d been taught about the US military and our wars were complete and utter falsehoods made to make us appear the heroes. Every time I watch ATLA I discover more and more statements about the world around us and I just fucking love it.

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